At SunDog LLC, we also provide consulting and strategic sourcing services for a wide variety of companies.  Using our global network of factories, your company can realize production cost savings, thus improving your company’s bottom line.  Strategic sourcing means much more than merely having a plan for performing sourcing activity, it is a complete solutions package with the goal of increasing the position of the client’s company within its chosen market.


Our services vary from component sourcing to full package programs, where your requirements are translated into specifications for complete products, including header cards, packaging and even product catalogs.  For most clients, standard factory setups are all that is needed to secure required products.  However, for key clients we also have the ability to setup specialty machines and/or molds for larger and on-going programs.


The most important principles guiding our operation are production flexibility and quality control. Beginning with design and sample making, we establish specifications for raw materials, construction tolerances, and packaging that are unique to each client.   The Quality Assurance staff at our factories assures that all phases of the production process pass rigid quality standards before we deliver your products. 


Leveraging our relationships with overseas factories, we are usually in a position to provide a wide variety of products with limited quantity requirements.  Most factories have minimum quantity requirements that range from 15,000-25,000pcs, but with our established network, we are able to afford greater flexibility in order quantity.  This is a tremendous benefit to clients whose goal is to move production offshore.


In short, SunDog LLC can facilitate strategic sourcing and manufacturing for your company.  Leaving the worry and complex nature of international trade to seasoned experts minimizes your risk and maximizes profit potential.  Strategic sourcing involves locating potential suppliers and then evaluating, developing and managing their capabilities in a manner consistent with the needs and expectations of each client.  SunDog LLC, through innovative sourcing and global reach – in particular established relationships with overseas factories – provides sourcing and manufacturing services that increase each client’s competitive position.


We achieve this while offering excellent service and quality.  Since your clients are your most valuable assets, our job is to help your company serve its clients to the best of its ability.  We would like the opportunity to show what we can do.

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