Hydra Pouch


Perfect for storing damp items or keeping track of those numerous “little things”, the Hydra Pouch features PVC mesh.


• Ventilates contents with durable mesh sides.

• Resists mildew with quick drying, easy cleaning PVC material.

• Hangs easily with swivel snap hook.



Fabric: Waterproof PVC mesh and PVC Tarp.
Colors: Black(01)



ITEM#            SIZE                   DIMENSIONS                                        VOLUME                                    MSRP
265                 SMALL                8.5IN. W X 5.5IN. H X 2.25IN. D             105 CUBIC IN. / 1.7 LITERS        $10.00
266                 MEDIUM            10IN. W X 7IN. H X 2.25IN. D                  158 CUBIC IN. / 2.6 LITERS        $12.00
267                 LARGE               11.75IN. W X 8.75IN. H X 2.25IN. D         231 CUBIC IN. / 3.8 LITERS       $15.00


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