Getting ready for a trip can be a stressful thing - there's always more stuff than there are places to put it. And unfortunately a lot of the really important stuff happens to be little - things like airline tickets, passports, credit cards, and keys. That's why SunDog came up with cases like The Ultimate Organizer, The Super Passport Pouch and The Travel Organizer.

No messing around here, these cases are guaranteed to keep your most important valuables organized and easily accessible. So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.

No matter what your favorite sport is, chances are we carry what you’re after. From footwear to helmets, golf clubs to baseball bats, we offer quality clothing and equipment at affordable prices. 

Travelite™ Wallet

A great low profile, low-cost wallet, the Travelite™ Wallet holds all the esentials, but it's slim profile reduces visibility.

Pocket Pal Wallet
The definitive all-around wallet, the Pocket Pal features room for all of your plastic as well as a separate zippered compartment for your extra cash.
Checkbook Wallet
Ideal around town, the Checkbook Wallet keeps your checkbook, cash, and plastic in order.
Neck Wallet
The Neck Wallet is the perfect companion for carrying large currency and travel documents at home or abroad.
Super Passport Pouch
Keep your passport close to heart. The Super Passport Pouch also leaves room for that wad of foreign cash.
Modular Bottle Holster
Upgrade any pack to a hydration pack with the Modular Bottle Holster. Easily attaches to the shoulder and waist straps of most packs.
All Sport Duffel
A full-featured duffel bag that includes our “imploding pocket” to keep wet and muddy gear separate from the rest of your stuff. Also includes our Premier Shoulder Strap and features beefy #10 zippers.
Security Pouch
The Security Pouch offers ample room for cash and personal items while around town or on the road.
Hide-Away Neck Pouch
The Hide-Away Neck Pouch features two pockets to store passports and cash out of sight. Stays comfortable against the skin with a soft, wicking backing.
Hide-Away Money Belt
A soft, wicking backing keeps the Hide-Away Money Belt comfortable against the skin. Features two zippered compartments.
Viza Plus
The original all-purpose padded shoulder bag. The Viza Plus easily stores wallets, cameras, binoculars, etc. wherever you’re headed.
Super Viza
The large version of the Viza Plus, the Super Viza features even more storage for your camera, cash, binoculars, etc.
Tarp Duffel
The perfect single compartment duffel. Features waterproof PVC tarp bottom and our Premier Shoulder Strap.
Ultimate Organizer
Designed specifically for users of time-management systems, the Ultimate Organizer features a special compartment for calendar storage and a separate business/credit card organizer panel.
Universal Pouch
The perfect mesh pouch for keeping it together on the road or the trail. Comes in three sizes.
Travel Organizer
The Travel Organizer keeps it all together on the road. Easily stores airline tickets, passport, and cash in one convenient case.
Travel Kit
Better than your average dop kit, the Travel Kit features ample mesh toiletry pockets and a removable internal pouch.
Hydra Pouch
Perfect for storing damp items or keeping track of those numerous “little things,” the Hydra Pouch features PVC mesh.
Zip-It Sunglass Case
The high-density polyethylene (HDPE) interior of the Zip-It Sunglass Case will keep your prized specs from harm.
Deluxe Book Cover
Essential for the well-read traveler, the Deluxe Book Cover offers great protection for your favorite author as well as added room for those literary extras.
Deluxe Map Case
The clear vinyl window of the Deluxe Map Case protects maps from the elements while allowing easy viewing and quick storage.
Banana Belt
The perfect all-purpose waist pack. The Banana Belt features an internal organizer panel for keys and cash.
Ditty Bag Set
A set of three bags, small, medium, and large. You'll never be without the right size.
Modular Pocket
The padded Modular Pocket carries point ’n shoot cameras, small binoculars, and other small accessories.
Action Harness
The only way to carry your camera and video gear on the river, the trail or the slopes.
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