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Here in the Northern Latitudes, on particularly cold days, an unusual spot of light can be seen glowing beside the sun. Some say it's shaped like a dog leaping through a ring of flames. It's known as a Sundog. In native folklore, it's said that if you spot a Sundog while on a journey, you'll experience good luck and many rewards. There are, however, other more practical ways to ensure success on your journey, including the quality of your equipment. And that's where the other SunDog comes in - SunDog the company.

At SunDog we make incredibly durable packs and bags that offer practical solutions to very real equipment needs. For over 36 years, we've developed a customer following that includes professional photographers, mountain climbers, world travelers, modern-day explorers and business people - all of whom have come to depend on SunDog quality.

Every product we make serves more than a functional purpose. You won't find a strap, zipper or pocket out of place. What you will find are uniquely designed products with ingenious features. So, it's really no surprise to us when our customers say we're different and better. Though at one time or another, they might have tried something else, eventually they all came back to SunDog.

As adventurers ourselves, most of our ideas result from our own travels. Others come from customers who've returned from the summit of Mt. Everest and the pyramids of Egypt to tell us how efficiently their SunDog products performed. Of course we don't imagine your adventures will be as treacherous as an Everest expedition or precarious as a dinosaur hunt in the Condor, but we do know from experience, you'll enjoy more rewards on your journey when you take SunDog along on your Endless Search For Adventure.

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