Getting ready for a trip can be a stressful thing - there's always more stuff than there are places to put it. And unfortunately a lot of the really important stuff happens to be little - things like airline tickets, passports, credit cards, and keys. That's why SunDog came up with cases like The Ultimate Organizer, The Super Passport Pouch and The Travel Organizer.

No messing around here, these cases are guaranteed to keep your most important valuables organized and easily accessible. So kick back, relax and enjoy the ride.


Let's face it, fly rods are fragile things. Able to stand up to a 40 pound striped bass, but no match for the weight of a car door. And we all know that when your 3-piece becomes a 4-piece, a good fishing trip can easily turn bad. That's why SunDog makes protective cases for your fragile fishing gear - things like single and double rod and reel cases, as well as some handy items like chest packs, tackle bags and gear duffels.

Your gear stays intact, and you can, well, get on with your tales of the one that got away.

Office & EDC

A really fast way to raise your blood pressure is to drop your computer before a big presentation. Or your cellular phone for that matter. Or you could always drop those really important documents into a mud puddle. Most of us, however, would really rather avoid these situations. That's why SunDog created an entire line of sturdy, water resistant bags guaranteed to protect the equipment you count on every day. Because let's face it, throwing a temper tantrum is no way to impress a client


Have you ever thought "my pack just isn't heavy enough"? We didn't think so!

Our new Travelite™ Collection offers packing and protection solutions for your gear that help you get organized without the unnecessary weight and bulk of products made with traditional materials. If you're old enough to remember the joy of trading in your canvas tent for a new one made from nylon, you'll have an idea of what to expect when you get your hands on this stuff!

From new and innovative products like the Stuff Tube, to redesigned SunDog classics like the Pack Pouch - nothing gets the job done more efficiently than SunDog's new Travelite™ Collection.

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